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Is it a good idea to buy real estate without having visited it?

Morgane Jacquet - March 20, 2021

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You have a plan to buy a house and you cannot visit it.The seller has sent you many photos and virtual tours.Although it is not forbidden to buy a property without having visited it, it is is however not recommended.

Photos or virtual tours do not replace physical tours!

You embark on the real estate purchase project and, for lack of time and for the practicality that this represents, you let yourself be tempted by the virtual tours offered by the seller to which are added many photos.

Be careful, virtual tours and photos, although having a real interest of first acquaintance with the property, do not replace a physical visit of the premises.The physical visit allows you to really realize the general condition of the property you plan to buy.

Beware of hidden defects in real estate

A dishonest seller could easily conceal any hidden defects or poor workmanship in photos or virtual tours.The seller is of course responsible for the various hidden defects, but it is always unpleasant to realize different disorders on the day of his move or after a few days of occupation.

Please note, although the seller or the intermediary of the transaction is liable for an obligation of information and advice towards the purchaser, this does not exclude your obligation of vigilance and also to inform yourself.judges, in the context of a dispute between you and the seller, when no physical visit has been carried out, could reproach you for not having taken the care to visit the accommodation before acquiring it and to be more severe in consideration to you.

Posted Date: 2021-03-22

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